Sunday, January 06, 2008

Like a voice from the dead

For those of you that have been checking my blog daily since I last posted, today's message will hopefully be extremely validating. Most of my "normal" friends, however, have never even viewed my blog, let alone once in the last two years.

It isn't fair to say that I "scorn" blogs; what I dislike, to be honest, is sitting in front of a computer. I avoid it all costs. Even for someone who loves to be in touch with others via email, I tend to keep them VERY short. That is, except for my (in)famous travel logs.

I have many friends and family members with blogs. Do I ever check them? Only when sent a link with an express request to view some photos or read some particularly brilliant post about a recent happening. How, then, could I ever expect my friends and family to read mine? When I have rarely or never viewed their own? Such disheartening questions have quelled any interest I might have ever had in reviving this old, dusty blog.

Yet, a lengthy visit to my computer-saavy sister in Utah has given me confidence. She helped me with the first step--determining that this little storage space of Jamila's thoughts still actually existed. Another factor contributing to the revival is the gift of a digital camera from my husband. Both my parents and sister have given me similar cameras in the past, but they have all broken, died, run away, etc. My husband promises to help me learn how to actually make these "fake" (as I tend to view digital images) pictures accessible to friends and family on the internet. The final straw breaking this camel's back is the thought that some people might want to know what is going on with me in my latest and most unique adventure. What might that be you are asking? Wait until next week's post to learn more.

So, welcome! If you are a friend of mine and, unlike me, actually enjoy spending time on the internet, then I hope you'll visit my site from time to time. I don't promise to update it daily; weekly, if I am lucky. But we'll see what happens. Feel free to look back on my previous ramblings from two years ago in Egypt.