Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gardening time again!

I never thought this stawberry patch of ours could survive three feet up snow.

But it did!


Flood '10

As if last year's sump pump flood wasn't enough....

Our kitchen was in shambles for a while...
Nate fixed it...all of it. Drywall, everything.

Belatedly...Mother's Day

A little late...Mother's Day! This is the beautiful spice rack Nate found for me. You can see the bouquet of roses in the background as well.

Tiny Dancer

I just can't WAIT until Mayumi is old enough for a dance class. I picked up these tap shoes at a thrift shop and I can already see her twirling and tapping, pink leotard and hair in buns.

Mayumi is such a funny little girl. She is obsessed with towels and drying things off. Here, you can see her wiping off her slide after a rain.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The other week I looked out over our backyard and saw a fire raging in the yard next door! I ran down the stairs, yelled to Nate, and called 911. Nate grabbed our hose and valiently started spraying water on the fire, which was nudging up against our fence. He kept spraying like a champ until he heard a deep voice on the other side of the fence: "Thank you Sir, we'll take it from here." The Fire Department had arrived.

Herndon hosts concerts each Friday night during the spring/summer. We took the girls last week to 2U, a U2 tribute band. Mayumi LOVED it; danced, sang, and refused to leave when we figured it was time for bed.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010