Monday, September 27, 2010

The Renn Faire!

Ack! I have dozens of great pictures and mini movies to share of our adventures this late summer/early fall, but alas! Time is flying by me and I can't seem to find enough of it to blog.

Some of you die-hard jamilahabibi fans (all three of you) will remember that we like attending the Maryland Rennaisance Festival. Here's a picture from our visit in 2008:
That is a 4-month old Yumi, with an awesome band called The Rogues in the background (we've attended their performances every year).

The following are pictures from our 2010 visit. Sadly--there seems to be no record that Emiko came with us. Poor Emi. She was there--but just quietly sad in the back of the double stroller and just didn't seem to get caught in the camera. Mayumi, on the other hand, is a camera hog:

Meeting King Henry VIII.

Nate trying bravely to climb Jacob's ladder.

The highlight of Yumi's day: pony rides.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Berry Picking!

Mayumi joined her buddy Ethan in the double stroller, and took off up the mountain to pick peaches with Nicolina (Ethan's mom) while Emi and I picked blackberries.

My poor pumpkins--fell off their stalks in my garden--so I picked them, cut them up, and froze the pieces. To be eaten later (and not carved on Halloween, which was the plan....). Alas!