Friday, May 23, 2008

We may be buying a house! Part 1

While Nate was at work, my mother and I went out with our realtor to look at a few homes in the Herndon and Sterling VA area. After looking through a couple of dumps, we found this PRIZE place, on Penny Lane. What you see on the left is the outside--garage on the left, an open (yet covered) walkway from garage to house in the middle, and then the main part of the house on the left.

The picture on right is of the main "front" room, or living room.

As you can see below, if you walk past this front room, you reach a wall. Turn left, you and reach this hallway (far right). After the closet, the first door on the left is a bathroom. The room across from the bathroom is pictured here (near right)--perfect for an office or a guest bedroom! Huge, don't you think? It gets better!

At the end of the hallway (far right) you'll see a room--the family room (left). Can you see the hearth? The window overlooks the backyard. To the left of this family/dining room is the kitchen (right).

Let's go back to the front of the house. Remember the front room, on the right? Well, to the left is the stairs to the second floor. Upstairs are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. All three of the upstairs bedrooms are HUGE, especially the master bedroom. This is a picture of the master bath (right).

Finally, the backyard! The following are several views of the spacious backyards, which is fully enclosed by a tall wooden fence and lined with HUGE trees. What I don't have a picture of is the two cement patio spaces--plenty of space for entertaining!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's Go Fly A Kite

For my birthday, Nate secretly made me a kite. Yes, a kite. From scratch. Without any instruction manual. For those of you unfamiliar with Nate, he is a GENIOUS when it comes to putting these together and taking them apart. He is a brilliant engineer.

Knowing that the DC Kite Festival fell on my birthday (as a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival), Nate designed and created a kite for me. It was beautiful! It did not, however, fly.

Nate took the kite home, dismantled it, and reconstructed it--and as you can see from this photo--it flew beautifully!

We had a blast--my mother was with us as well, just to the right of Nate, out of the picture.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Supermodels in the Making

My best friend Marliss came to visit with her two darling little girls. This picture was taken in front of our friend Katie's Falls Church home.

House Hunting

We are house hunting! This is one house in which we are interested...way out in Herndon, VA!

At the races

Once again, Nate scored us tickets to the Virginia Gold Cup Steeplechase Horse Races. This event is steeped in tradition, complete with suits, cigars, sundresses, and HATS. Yes, I am pregnant--due in just a few days!

Chocolate Tasting

Our friends Rob and Nancy Ricks have the finest
tastes...this was at a fabulous chocolate tasting engineered by Nancy.

DC Cherry Blossom Festival

You really should see Nate's photographs of the Cherry Blossoms--MUST better than mine. Go to to see FAR better photos of this beautiful event.