Friday, August 29, 2008

Hogging the Blog

Sigh. I can tell that if/when I get around to posting things on this blog, it is going to be mostly about Mayumi. I mean, forget the fact that we bought our first home (closing on 22 September, our anniversary of two years...and it ISN'T the house about which I posted some months ago). Forget THAT important milestone in someone's life. No no, Mayumi is the star and I think this blog is going to focus a great deal on her and her development. Speaking of which, as I type, she is lying under her playarch on her SIDE--a position to which she got to herself from her back. In other words, she is starting to work towards rolling over. One of these pictures features Baby Yumi grabing dangling toys--something she has been good at for
quite some time. We think she has
ge hand/eye coordination. :-) Another of these photos features Mayumi in the Karma Baby sling (thank you Marliss!). I could write a whole post on my various experiences with baby carrying devices. In fact, I suppose I should--and will.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mayumi the Super Model

Do you think it would be wrong if we got Mayumi an agent and started her working now to save up for college? Honestly, I think that she could win some baby pageants. Or at least be the first runner-up...

NYC Waterfalls!

New York City is featuring a fabulous exhibit--man-made waterfalls, four in all, along NYC's waterways. Nate, Mayumi, and I took the Chinatown bus up to New York last weekend to see them and spend time with our friends up there. Old roommates Sally and Amber were excellent hostesses, along with their spouses, roommates, and other friends. Naturally we went to El Malecon for some chicken, rice, and beans and caught a show. So much fun!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Nate claims he's never been much of a 'baby person.' This I believe-I've seen him be tender with my darling niece Allie, but it was clear to me he wasn't the baby whisperer. And yet, and yet; nothing (but a seriously dirty diaper or angry tears) can seperate him from his darling little daughter. I've actually heard him coo to her--baby talk!! It is true what one of his best friends told me prior to marrying him--he DOES have a gushy heart.