Saturday, May 21, 2011

More cuteness

At Frying Pan Park today. I went on my own (sort of); my awesome friend Nicolina meet up with me and totally helped me manage my girls...but Aya was A GEM and was pleasantly and peacefully awake the whole time.

Our homecoming earlier this week:

Deep thoughts....

Sunday, May 01, 2011


What a busy month! Nate came home, we had many fun times with the girls and their friends, we celebrated Easter, built a castle in the backyard, bought a car...the list goes on. Here are a few (ha!) photos in completely random order--as I still cannot manipulate the blogger photo system.

Emiko, with our great friend Abby, at an Easter Egg hunt at Rachel's home. Below that, Mayumi's and her best friend Juliette.

Mayumi and Aiden, hunting for eggs.

My two beautiful girls--I can't help taking pictures of them at the most random of times.

Emi has taken after her sister in wanting to wipe off all wet/dirty surfaces. She took the towel from the kitchen and wiped off the bike seat on her own initiative.

Mayumi LOVES babies. Loves them. Here she is, 'nuggling' my friend Nicolina's daughter, Baby Mary.

Once again, with cute Abby at her home. Her family (the Wilsons) spent nearly every Monday evening with me when Nate was gone. I love these guys.

Mayumi's betrothed, Wyatt. Can you believe this photo? We did not set this up--this is exactly how she looked on the back of his battery-powered bike.

The kids table (General Conference brunch). Apparently Emi wasn't old enough to merit her own plate....

Mayumi's darling friend Juliette invited us to her 3rd birthday party. None of us thought in advance how hard it might be for Yumi to watch a peer receive a bunch of presents...and not receive any of her own. I was proud of both girls and how they handled it. Here is Mayumi, trying hard to be brave and share in her friend's joy in receiving a princess outfit.

These girls really do love each other.

Same pair, different day--enjoying a dress-up trade. Mayumi is wearing the above-mentioned princess outfit and Juliette is wearing Mayumi's fairy costume. Happy as can be.

Mayumi, Wyatt, and future sister-in-law Bekah.

I have cute nieces and nephews!

So, Nate came home! Yay! We enjoyed a get-away to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Reunion with the girls.

The new car!

The 'castle' (as Yumi calls it) that Nate built (from his own design) in our backyard. Amazing, isn't it??

My friend Stephanie (the seamstress that coached me through the quilt and quiet book adventures) is ALSO an amazing dance teacher and owner of her own studio. Mayumi is own of her students and these are a few photos I took on 'parent appreciation day.'