Friday, August 29, 2008

Hogging the Blog

Sigh. I can tell that if/when I get around to posting things on this blog, it is going to be mostly about Mayumi. I mean, forget the fact that we bought our first home (closing on 22 September, our anniversary of two years...and it ISN'T the house about which I posted some months ago). Forget THAT important milestone in someone's life. No no, Mayumi is the star and I think this blog is going to focus a great deal on her and her development. Speaking of which, as I type, she is lying under her playarch on her SIDE--a position to which she got to herself from her back. In other words, she is starting to work towards rolling over. One of these pictures features Baby Yumi grabing dangling toys--something she has been good at for
quite some time. We think she has
ge hand/eye coordination. :-) Another of these photos features Mayumi in the Karma Baby sling (thank you Marliss!). I could write a whole post on my various experiences with baby carrying devices. In fact, I suppose I should--and will.


Stacey said...

Great blog! Glad you like the sling (I am the creator:) Write a post about babywearing, that would be interesting...!

Stacy said...

Hilary! I was blog-hopping from Cristi Johnson's blog and here you are--married with a gorgeous baby! Congratulations. Come see us, too, at I can't wait to hear about all your adventures in the last few years, and now as a mom! :)

Stacy (Collinwood)Banks

Lindsay said...

I'm excited about your house too hil, but Yumi is always the most important news, so yes please keep updating us! But i wouldn't mind you posting some pics of the house too...

Rob, Adrienne, Sam, Ada and Tony said...

Its good to see you have a blog. I think you'll remember me, but if not its Andrew's sister Adrienne E.
My blog is private, but if you want to view it email me at and I'll invite you. Your daughter is adorable.