Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The DC Metro Area

We keep busy here in the DC Metro Area (I like to include Herndon so as to still feel a part of things). The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts puts on an annual cultural exhibition and this year it featured the cultures of the Middle East. Mayumi is posed here in front of the exhibit "The Brides of the Arab World."

In keeping with our literary and cultural ambitions for Mayumi, Nate and I continue to read to her several times daily. I just picked up a new book called "The Best Friends Book" for her yesterday at a cute little book shop in Adams Morgan (D.C.), next to The Shawarma King (1600s block Columbia Road, but although the company of good friends was enjoyable, the food wasn't outstanding...I make far better shawarmas).

Although we hope she'll be an avid reader, Mayumi currently demonstrates the most interest in playing. Especially if it means she can poke, wiggle, giggle, or munch (with her new teeth). Here she is incorporating several of her favorite pasttimes:


Perry Family said...

what amazing parents you are!! I love to read to my kids to, they love it, and its such good one-on-one time! She's a DOLL!!

Lindsay said...

Good for you guys to read to her so much!