Monday, July 27, 2009

Fruit is good

I haven't taken any good videos of Mayumi lately and I promise to repent. In going through a few older ones, however, I found a little one I don't believe I posted. This is primarily for the true Mayumi fan, who lives for even the most mundane pieces of news about her.

This clip features Mayumi eating some fruit, which is something she loves. What I wish I had a clip of is her eating blueberries. Who knew that one little girl could stuff so many blueberries in her mouth at one time?

Then there are apples. She attacks them eagerly, and smacks her lips after taking the last bite...dislodging the hundreds of bits of apples that have sneaked back OUT of her mouth and onto her chin after she's gummed them for a while (she DOES have five teeth but you have to give a baby a break...).

We were treated to a delicious dinner at by our wonderful friends Lindsay and Mike the other day (c.f. exotic Korean wedding ceremony a few posts ago) and they served a fruit plate for dessert. I don't know if anyone actually got to eat any of it, as Mayumi pretty much assumed responsibility for it.


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