Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day in the Life of The Cute

Just a little cuteness to brighten your day.
Mayumi, it seems, is a girl to the very core. She was born hard-wired to you can see her doing here. Whenever she knows she's caught your eye, she puts on some kind of pose.

Here she is playing with her daddy...

And here is she getting very excited about a wedding buggy we encountered in the Alkgonkian Regional Park. Everything is a 'cat' to her (although she only knows the word in Arabic), so Nate is explaining to her that this is a very BIG cat.


Jamie said...

Love the cute pictures. I miss seeing her during my lessons. At least it's good to know learning cat in Arabic is possible despite my struggles!

Unknown said...

Hey, I wanna see some pictures of you Hilary!

David said...

Ummm, HELLO! This is David St.Julien! How the heck are ya? 'Member me? HISASHIBURI! I just went to a mission reunion and Stacy Perry(Andersen shimai) was there. We talked, and she said she had a link to your blog! So I clicked, and now here I am. I'm very excited to find out that you're doing well! What a subarashii family you have there! Someday we should have a BBQ if you ever come out here.
If you want to check out my wife's blog, it's

Don't be a stranger eh.
pz out

Perry Family said...

Hilary!! We had a mission reunion conference weekend!! Everyone missed you and Pres. and sister Larkins were pleased to hear you are having a 2nd baby!! I have some pics on my blog from it, although not as many as I should have taken. St. Julien choro asked about you too (along with all else!) We are going to have another reunion next october in slc, it would be great to see you and your cute family!
love, stacy