Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Quilt Extravaganza

My mother once was quite a seamstress, but at some point in my childhood she retired her sewing machine and called it quits. That's why we were all surprised when she first presented me with a quilt made from some of my old t-shirts, then next to my sister a quilt made of her old sports t-shirts. Mine is pictured below:
And then I got the idea--a quilt made of onesies--onesies of the then only four grand daughters.

My dear dear friend Stephanie is a quilt master. She guided me every step of the way. Under her tutelage, I put together a 'practice quilt' to gain skills, experience, and confidence (pictured below). After some time, my sisters Monique and Lindsay sent me their quilt quadrants (made from 16 patches of onesies) and (from Monique) the embroidered centerpiece featuing each girl's name and birth date.

Following Stephanie's instructions, I put it all together. It took hours. Hours and hours. I think at least 100 hrs. But it was so much fun--and seeing my mother open it on Christmas day (via webcam) was worth ALL the effort.

Us girls knew she'd love it for many different reasons. First of all--the fact that it is a huge nod to her efforts creating quilts for us. Secondly, the fact that it is made from the onesies from her beloved grandbabies. Thirdly--we used the sewing machines that she gave us. Fourthly--we worked together very closely--many phone calls, emails, etc....and any mother loves it when her kids collaborate--right?

So that's the story! Thanks to my mother for being such a great mom, my sisters for their efforts, to Stephanie for teaching me, and Nate for being so supportive (and fixing the sewing machine a few times).


moneek said...

Hil, it was really your inspiration. Great job and thanks for posting this detail about it.

Lindsay said...

Yep Hil you deserve most of the credit. Monique did a great job on the stitching, but you really had to learn as you go, and I'm so glad you did it! Way to go!

Perry Family said...

that is a very neat gift! gives me a few ideas for my parents!!

Amber Henrie said...

I love it - and I love even more than your Mom sent out a mass email about it! GOOD WORK GIRLS!

Perry Family said...

k, we'll have to keep in better touch!! :) here's my email:
And I think you are such a fabulous mother. The stay-at-home thing is quite an adjustment and really makes you feel like a house prisoner sometimes (at least I feel like that some days, even more so with a new born!!) But I have to say that it gets much better, especially when they get school age!! Wish I could come and see you in action and have our kids play together!! Loves!!

Unknown said...

wow! i am thoroughly impressed. great work.

Our Pratt Pack said...

I've heard of the t-shirt quilts such a great idea! This is our new blog by the way I haven't quite got it up and running but I will soon!