Monday, April 12, 2010

Arizona Cuties

My sister Lindsay and her photographic/photoshop skills get the credit for the following pictures. See her blog (link to the right) for photos of ALL the cousins (I didn't want to totally steal her blog post so am only posting the ones of my girls).

In front of the Phoeniz Zoo--all the cousins and the grandparents. Check out Emiko in her 'sausage suit.' We bundle her up like that when it is time for her to nap.

I guess love of furry creatures is generally universally among small children. Yumi, and her cousins Lily and Allie, brushing a goat at the petting zoo.

We like to call Emiko 'Emi the Good' because she is, well, so GOOD.

Yumi REALLY liked this frog.

We visited the pool many times during our visit to Arizona (imagine--a pool open in April!!).


Lindsay said...

Wish Leah could have joined us at the zoo. Next time. :) Hope Nate makes it home ok!!!

Meg said...

Hey Hil. I haven't checked your blog for a little while. I was cracking up at the winter storm videos of you guys throwing Mayumi out the window! Thanks for the sweet note you sent me. You're the best! Thank goodness, in more than one way, that our last Hawaii trip did fall through. We should, however, plan another. If you guys are ever going let us know and we'll bump into you down there. Much love- and kisses to your darling girls. I'm just two weeks from my due date- so check out our blog in a few weeks/months for the new addition! Loves, Meg

Unknown said...

Glad to see you had fun in our hot state!!