Monday, September 27, 2010

The Renn Faire!

Ack! I have dozens of great pictures and mini movies to share of our adventures this late summer/early fall, but alas! Time is flying by me and I can't seem to find enough of it to blog.

Some of you die-hard jamilahabibi fans (all three of you) will remember that we like attending the Maryland Rennaisance Festival. Here's a picture from our visit in 2008:
That is a 4-month old Yumi, with an awesome band called The Rogues in the background (we've attended their performances every year).

The following are pictures from our 2010 visit. Sadly--there seems to be no record that Emiko came with us. Poor Emi. She was there--but just quietly sad in the back of the double stroller and just didn't seem to get caught in the camera. Mayumi, on the other hand, is a camera hog:

Meeting King Henry VIII.

Nate trying bravely to climb Jacob's ladder.

The highlight of Yumi's day: pony rides.


Unknown said...

Hey girl, i want to hear about how your food experiment is going as well! miss you guys.

Kate Challis said...

That looks really fun! Nice weather, too!

Lindsay said...

Oh cute! I bet Yumi LOVED the ponies. That latter thing looks hard. Danny tried that at our fair and then got mocked when he fell off by the jesters.