Sunday, August 12, 2012

11 Aug: A walk down memory lane

11 Aug

I did not get a chance to record yesterday's events at all so I am madly trying to type up this post in the ten minutes left to me before Nisreen comes for her lesson.  I've left the girls upstairs in their quiet time spots--none the wiser that I'm no longer there--and am sitting in the lobby where I sometimes get Internet access.

Yesterday was Saturday.  After our usual morning routine, I took the girls downtown on a foray for souvenirs.  We only want a few, and found just what we wanted.  I won't say what because most of them will be sent on to little nieces and nephews. :-). But it was fun and the girls were completely manageable.  They even walked quite a few blocks further without complaint in order to enjoy a freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice cocktail at our usual spot downtown.  At noon we caught a taxi up the hill to nearby jebel alweibdeh--where Nate used to live when he was a student at the University of Amman and when we were engaged.  The plan was to roam around his old neighborhood  a bit and then walk back down the hill using the shortcut we used to take each night when he would accompany me to my hostel down the hill.  The shortcut features several sets of those impossibly steep stairs only found in Amman.  

We did not make it back down the hill, as it happens, but we had fun nonetheless.  Nate met us there and, after taking a loot at his old apartment and nearby convenience store, we headed to at-shirt store we'd recently learned about.  New since we lived in the area, this shop features those humorous t-shirts featured everywhere online--but with Jordanian humor.  We bought a few and then headed home.  Cranky girls.

While the girls napped I went shopping with Nisreen!  I bought some of those long tunics I love to buy and wear in the Middle East.  We had a great time.

Erapie was watching the girls for me while I was out.  Nate was studying in the courtyard.  I came back and we all met up downstairs to eat another or Erapie's delicious meals.  Good times.  I took Yumi out on a little date to buy water and other supplies, and everyone was in bed by 7:30pm!  A good night.

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