Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Johnson Family Variety Show

Good times were had at The Stansfield Home in Gilbert, Arizona this April. I hope you enjoy the following pictures...and video!Allie Brooke loves to be in charge of her nieces...especially when they are in the car seats.

New mother Monique with Leah (B'Leah), doing what she does best: sleep.
Allie, too, liked to watch over B'Leah.

I caught a lot of great scenery on film but I'll only feature this one photo.

B'Leah wasn't awake much, but when she was she usually had a big smile and lots of sweetness for everyone.

Some of the family on a hike...four babies = four baby carriers.

Weirdlyl enough I didn't get ANY pictures containing my father--except this (and a few other) video clips. He WAS there--thankfully!

I like to call this "Ballerina with Banana"

Cousins, B'Lily and B'Yumi

My favorite photo--the bathing beauty.


Perry Family said...

beautiful family pics!! what a gorgeous family!!

Lindsay said...

I was thinking the same thing about pictures of Dad! Where was he?? I guess he was always in the kitchen cooking, and the cameras were always focused on the babies.