Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What happened to The Caterpiller?

For the longest time I assumed Mayumi could only move backwards, and only by accident. One day, however, I tried to lure her forward by dangling my iPod and lo--she did that breakdancing move The Caterpiller--and speedly crossed the floor to get it. Imagine my shock!

Two weeks ago I took Mayumi to Arizona to see her grandparents, aunties, and cousins, and we all speculated that she'd probably never actually CRAWL (hands and knees), but that she'd go from The Caterpiller to Walking. Three seconds after we said that she proved us you can see below:


Perry Family said...

what a good little crawler she is!!

Meg said...

Magdalena is 8 months now and not even thinking about crawling. She actually doesn't even roll over. Although she did manage to fall off the bed today- so I guess she can move when we're not looking! Nice to hear that she might start moving around eventually! She's pretty content to just sit there and watch Evan. Maybe I'll try your trick and see if we can tempt her to go for something really exciting! Thanks for sharing your cute videos.