Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Cuteness

Alas, we haven't any record of our costumes on the Big Night. Nate dressed as a Gulfi Arab, I as a belly dancer, and Mayumi as a bunny rabbit (wearing her cousin Allie's old costume meant for someone 3-6 months). It really is a shame we don't have a picture (yet) of her in that costume because the leg cuffs of the costume only came down to just below her knees. Ha! We had some fun the week before carving pumpkins:

As we've enjoyed lots of warm Fall weather, Mayumi and I spent a great deal of time outside a week or so ago--much of it with our good friends Brittany and Juliette. Here we are at Clemyjontri Park in McLean.
The Farm at Frying Pan Park is another one of our favorite destinations. Mayumi CANNOT get enough of animals. She'd have climbed right into the pig pen if she could have managed it.

Sadly, Mayumi caught some nasty chest cold last week. We barely left the house (boring!) and spent lots of time cuddling (fabulous). Here are a couple of clips showing just how lackluster our little fireball was.


Unknown said...

hey cute pregnant lady, how are you doing? It looks like you guys are doing well, love your hair. Im waiting for this baby to come...any day now... said...

SO not fair to dangle the carrot in front of a sick horse :-( Of course she wants a puppy or a pony or a kitty and most definitely the million schmackaroos! After seeing her "pig pen picture" I can't believe she doesn't have a pet already.

Perry Family said...

she is such a doll! i love that you are letting her stick her hand in the pumpkin! Hope she gets feeling normal!!

moneek said...

One seed at a time! Priceless. World peace? Who needs it! LOL. What a cute snugglebug...sorry she was so sick, tho. Love your hair!