Thursday, November 05, 2009

As always, I am in a New York state of mind

My mother and I share a love of New York City. She is one of the few people I enjoy going to the theatre with, as she is willing to analyze the shows, the actors, the music, etc. with for hours afterwards.

Thanks to the help of my darling husband, I was able to travel sans Mayumi to New York several weeks ago and meet my mother (who also made many sacrifices to make the weekend possible). We saw TWO shows: Memphis (a musical) and A Steady Rain (play). Here's a little bit about both:

We scored front-row 'student rush' tickets to this show of which we knew NOTHING about. This is where we must thank Sally Atkinson, my old and dear roommate), for guiding us. I'll let you all do your own research on this show, but I'd like to inlcude two links here--links to one of the main songs in the show. The first features the leading man singing his song outside the theatre in New York's 'Shubert Alley' as a promotion for the show opening. The second features Bon Jovi singing the same song (Bon Jovi's fellow band member wrote the music for Memphis).

Our second show was the much-anticipated A Steady Rain, starring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. Here I am, looking extremely glamorous, sitting out for the student rush tickets that morning. (Thank you to Amber for the use of her chairs AND for letting us stay in her flat).

I have to say that A Steady Rain is pretty grim...downright gritty, actually. And unlike other performances I've LOVED that portray a gritty life, I didn't walk out of this enlightened, inspired, or better informed. I certainly wouldn't say it was a 'disapointment,' and any true theatre fan (or lover of D. Craig and/or H. Jackman) SHOULD see it. But be prepared to be exposed to the seamy side of life.

And yes, there WAS a steady rain that you can see from this photo!

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible!!!


Amber Henrie said...

well, as you know I'm sad I missed the shows and need to try to make it to see both. Hopefully will be able to but funds are at the minimum. I gave you know who the pic of Yumi in her princess hat. He absolutely loved it.

moneek said...

Hil, u are a darling preggo! I'm jealous of your Hugh/Daniel experience...but remember our Donny Osmond one? That still brings a smile to my face. MWAH!

Unknown said...

No, no baby yet. But this is my last day of work, that is pretty exciting! Heck yes that is mike grygle of page az, how do you guys know each other??