Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uh-oh nose

Emiko is growing so quickly! She can hold up her head, has the same freakishly strong legs as her sister (she can hold her own weight), smiles whenever she sees her mommy, and coos adorably. At her most recent doctor's visit, she weighed in at 10lbs 6ozs. No light weight, this one.

Mayumi is always fidgeting with Emiko; inserting her pacifier, stealing her blanket, trying to insert a sippy cup into her mouth, sitting on her, and kissing her.

I have to constantly remind Mayumi that "Emi is not a toy." Fortunately, she does have her own dolly to 'baby.' Thank you Grandma Mimi! This baby goes where Mayumi goes. My favorite is when she tries to put a pacifier into the doll's mouth, holds it close and rocks it, and 'shush shushes' it. She does all this with a concerned look on her face (knitted brow) and adorably pursed lips (she cannot make an 'sh' or 'ch' sound without seriously pouting her lips).

We have to watch this little Mayumi very closely. For example: Nate picked up these little sticky fake gems to affix to Valentine's Day cards. We had fun with them and only a few remained after our craft project. Somehow Mayumi got a hold of one and next thing we know she's saying 'uh-oh nose' and rubbing at her nose, sticking her finger up inside repeatedly. We expected the worse and, sure enough, Nate spotted it up there with the aid of a flashlight. He got out the pliers. Fortunately she sneezed it out before he performed surgery on her. Whew.


Perry Family said...

that's so funny she snuffed up a gem! and your little emi is SOOO precious, i love that mayumi is constantly wanting to play with her!
all that snow is incredible, what a white out the east coast was hit with!! the aftermath looked like fun!!

Unknown said...

oh no!! i am not looking forward to cameron sticking stuff up his nose.