Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Camping Queen

Mayumi, it turns out, is an excellent camper. I discovered this on her first camping trip this weekend to Jane's Island on the Maryland Eastern Shore. As you can see, she was much beloved by the other campers--friends from New York and DC gathered to celebrate Amber Henrie's 30th birthday (Amber is pictured on the far right of the last picture). In spite of Tango Tim Tanner's repeated attempts to throw her in the fire and, thus, regain the spotlight, Mayumi survived the trip (even if her mother barely survived her 1.5 hrs of crying on the way home).


Amber Henrie said...

So fitting, Tim trying to put her in the fire and Mbe snuggling his precious new girlfriend. That little Mayumi sure is a good little flirt already!

Lindsay said...

Grilled yumi!

moneek said...

Yay, campin' Yumi!