Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Abominable Pink Snowbaby (and the Inauguration)

Mayumi received a very fluffy snowsuit from her Grandma Glo for Christmas. In it, she looks like a child twice her age. It is very useful; she could be wearing the lightest piece of clothing and go out in very cold weather with this snowsuit round her body. As inauguration day was quite chilly, she donned the snowsuit and went to Great Falls, Virginia. Great Falls National Park has a fabulous visitor's center, complete with an "Environmental Training" board that Nate is pointing to (suggesting that we flush the toilet but once a day). Apparently kayaking down Great Falls is great fun (yeah, like a root canal) and Mayumi seemed interested. Mayumi (read: Nate) enjoyed playing with the puppets in the gift shop.


Bud and Kase said...

Hi Hillary - this is Kasandra! Your baby is so very beautiful! I am sure that she is loving having you for a mother. I know that I would. Later

Lindsay said...

That outfit is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Finally got the video to work and its so cute! She's such a sweetie.