Sunday, February 01, 2009

Never Eat Yellow Snow

Mayumi experienced her real first snowfall this week. Tuesday it was, I believe. Snow fell the entire day and covered our town with a beautiful white blanket. That evening we cleared away the snow from our front walk and sidewalk, feeling very responsible as home owners. This turned out to be a big mistake; later that evening it began to sleet and by morning everything was covered with a thick layer of ice. Pavement that had been covered by snow was now covered with a very crunchy, nearly impenetrable slab of snow. Pavement (like ours) that had been cleared of snow, however, was snow shear ice. Sigh. Having stayed in the previous day, I had to get out. I made plans to visit a friend who lives (normally a 15 minute walk away. About 40 minutes into this walk, however, we had to give up. It was either too slippery OR impossible to move forward in chunky snow. Alas! I am pretty certain Mayumi had a great time.


Lindsay said...

Haha by the looks of her face she DID have a great time! Hil funny story.

moneek said...

Nummy snow.