Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Nate took great pains to prepare several surprises for me on Mother's Day. Not only did he take care of Mayumi all Saturday afternoon/night while I took off to D.C. to play with girlfiends visiting from New York, he prepared me breakfast and lunch on Sunday...and arranged this bouquet of flowers.
Speaking of flowers, we are working hard on our garden...and making feeble attempts on our lawn. Unequipped as we are with yard power tools, it is hard to keep up with the Jones', but Nate makes great efforts with our 'Nate powered lawn mower.' Mayumi enjoys helping out her father.
If only we could employ the same landscaping company that beautifies the D.C. Temple grounds. See this little clip below and admire the flowers and trees (if you can keep your eyes from the little cuteness in the white dress).


Our Pratt Pack said...

I never thought to take a video on temple grounds that's a great idea! The beauty's never the same in pictures and it would be great to hear what the kids have to say.

Gloria said...

I can't wait to see my little cupcake only a few more days and one week left until she is the big ONE! I love my Virginia kids.
Grandma Glo

Our Pratt Pack said...