Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring At Last!

Mayumi is sick, running a decent fever, and hasn't been herself. Yet--once I put her in this swing yesterday she was her old self you will see.

You may notice a 'shaddow' across the bridge of her nose...this is, sadly, a massive bruise incurred by a fall against one of our end tables. Alas, the drawbacks of learning to walk. Mayumi IS starting to walk, tw0-three steps at a time.

We love taking Mayumi to the zoo, and although we aren't certain whether or not she really notices the animals, we think she has a good time. It just so happened that this day was National Migratory Bird Week.

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Lindsay said...

She loves that swing! That is adorable! I love her little laugh. I can't believe she's walking! What a super baby!