Friday, May 01, 2009

In Tribute to Astroland (my father)

As has been noted, my father WAS in Arizona for our 'family reunion' in early April, but was not caught on film by me. By my regular camera, that is. I did get a great clip of him dancing with Mayumi, however, which follows. But first, a little background: my father, who is musically inclined, used to sing to us constantly. We each had our own, personally little song. He also had a song for most situations and did not hesitate to sing with gusto (he still does on the front row of church). One of my favorites was a little ditty I learned later was the "Hamm's Beer" jingle (randomly, as my father does not drink). Another was the Marine Corp hymn (he was never in the military). No, there's really no way to explain his huge repetoire but there it is.

The following is one of the things he 'sung' to us as kids, but it also included a dance. We called the song and dance "Dum Dum Dum"--I think you'll see why. Enjoy!


Nancy said...

I think your father is in love. :) That was such a precious clip!

Lindsay said...

Oh cute!