Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Heart New York

Since 2003 my mother and I have been bringing groups to New York City, staying in Times Square, and introducing them into the "real" New York.

We encourage the group members to take advantage of the various promotions and discounts offered on Broadway and to see as many shows as they can. For us, that means a show per day! In the past, I have lived up to this goal and, in two weeks, have seen 16 shows (there are matinees on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Thanks the help of wonderful family and friends, I was able to fulfil my duties as Assistant to Glo (my mother) AND see many shows...all while enjoying the companionship of the junior tour conductor-in-training Mayumi. HUGE thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law Rosalie and sister-in-law Audrey, who came out to New York for the first week to spend time with Mayumi (and seriously help me out), my father (who came for the second week), my mother (who makes this whole thing possible), and my handful of great friends who babysat, entertained Mayumi, saved my spot in ticket lines, etc. Tim, Sally, and Amber...and Amber's crew...THANK YOU!

So yes, I saw 10 shows!! Here they are: Billy Elliot, Exit the King, Next to Normal, Blithe Spirit, Rock of Ages (although we left at intermission so it doesn't really count), 9 to 5, God of Carnage, Mary Stuart, Joe Turner's Come and Gone, and Guys and Dolls. I'd love to review them each for you...whoever you are...but knowing that no one is likely to read this I'll just let the random reader do their own research or contact me privately if curious. I WILL say that Next to Normal was by far my 'favorite' musical (hard to use that word since it was such a 'hard' show to watch (v. emotional)) and God of Carnage and Mary Stuart tied for favorite play. Rock of Ages was the worse musical (hence the early exit) and Exit the King was (by far) the worst play (I loved each of the others).

Enjoy the photos, courtesy of grandpa Astroland, as I took NONE. This last one doesn't even come close to capturing the funniness of the moment; one moment, she was sitting in a restaurant high chair, looking all innocent. Next moment we looked, she was practically swallowing a salt shaker. We tried to get her to do it again for a picture, but it never QUITE was as funny.

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Lindsay said...

That is so awesome that you still got to go and have a great time. Glad it all worked ok with Yumi. Very lucky you had so much help. SHe is so cute with her pig tails!!