Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Year in the Life...

On 24 May 2009 Mayumi turned one year old! We celebrated with a luau-themed party at our home. Strangely, I only took one photo of the birthday girl herself, pictured here with her Auntie Heba (Heather Hughes) and Heba's future husband Koko (Congratulations you guys!!). My wonderful neighbors took many photos of the party and Mayumi and, when they pass them on to me, I'll post them. Note--Mayumi is wearing a dress from Honduras, presented to her by one of my Arabic students.

The following are a few other photos of some of our guests. I didn't get pictures of everyone but want to thank you ALL for coming and making Mayumi (and us) feel so loved. For those who have never been to our home, this party was held in our backyard. You may catch glimpses of our fence, our little storage shed, our deck, and our GARDEN in the background.

Mayumi has left the crawling world behind and has wholeheartedly embraced WALKING. See the clip below...although it really doesn't do her skills justice. Also notice the amazing baby gates that Nate engineered, built, and installed on our stairs.

Finally--we were gone in NYC for two weeks...hence, no posts. Once those pictures trickle in to me (I took NO pictures of my own, darn it!) I'll post them as well.


Meg said...

She's too big Hil! Thanks for sharing all the cute videos!

Lindsay said...

Gosh I'm so sad I wasn't there for your luau! She's quite the little walker! Where were the gates during the Arabic lesson? I'm impressed he built those!