Sunday, July 11, 2010

I like it: Independence Day

This is Mayumi's new favorite expression. She says "I like it," followed by a dramatic pause, and then states the thing she likes. One of my favorites--"I like it: samak truck" ('samak' is 'fish' in Arabic and the 'fish truck' was the travelling aquarium we visited). I also enjoyed 'I like it: Daddy singing' (meaning 'daddy's song' which is the BYU Fight Song).

Mayumi really enjoyed the Independence Day celebrations. My mother challenged us to do something patriotic every day the week prior to the holiday, and we gave it our best shot. The most obvious of these patriotic acts was to buy and mount a flag on the front of our house.
We had two gatherings--one on the Saturday before with our wonderful neighbors the Mathews family and other friends Shawn and Janna, and then one more event (just dinner, really) on the 4th itself. With the Mathews--we BBQed and set off fireworks. Mayumi LOVED it.

Nate had the following Monday off from work--so we soldiered out in the blistering heat to Clemyjontri Park--and rode the carousel.
Unrelated, but still nice--I randomly chose to plant Zinias in front of our house. They are gangly, awkward, but very beautiful.

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Super cuteness!