Sunday, July 04, 2010

Project Fresh: Days Two-Four

A few lines about and photos of our first few days buying/eating only locally grown/made foods. Here we have 100% whole wheat homemade pasta with pesto, feature basil from our own garden.
This project (and these blog entries) will really get interesting later in the month when we have to start creating alternative ways to make some of our favorite foods like pesto (our supply of Parmesan, olive oil, and garlic won't last all month--but we LOVE using our basil in pasta dishes). Until then, however, it isn't hard to make regular dishes using locally-grown veggies and fruit. Pictured below is my breakfast--scrambled eggs (SMC) with ham (Farmers' Market), whole wheat bread (Farmers' Market) with apple butter (made by me last fall with apples from the Farmers' Market), and peaches (Farmers' Market).

Pictured here is the loaf from which that slice of toast came, as well as three locally-produced cheeses--Muenster, Colby (SMC), and Mozzarella (Farmers' Market).

This is just one of the bins of my refrigerator, stuffed to the gills with vegetables. This week's menu will be sandwiches (Monday), homemade pasta, sauce, and squash (Tuesday), tacos (Wednesday), and roast potatoes, risotto, green beans and corn (Thursday). Check back in Thursday night to see some pictures and to hear how it all went!


lindsay said...

Mike and I are doing something similar with the farmers market at his office. We should recipe swap!

Unknown said...

Ok, I have to say it is a good thing you guys are on the same page with this life style change. If I tried to implement something like this, Brian would go ballistic, haha. Have you noticed price changes? Is it comparable, more expensive, cheaper? Right now our big life style change (since i quit my job) is couponing. Now we eat whatever I can get for free basically. Well to a point, you know me. Good luck, very ambitious and inspiring. Oh and the other good thing is you live in DC area, but there is loads of great stuff. IF we ate locally here we would be eating grade A crap.

Unknown said...

What happened to you is completely true, at the beginning, when you travel to a new country, you start trying dished that you´ve never tried before and it becomes interesting. I was in Argentina, and I had this Apartment for rent Buenos Aires where my neighbour used to make the most delicious pasta.
I loved it!