Saturday, February 07, 2009

Escape Artist

I left Mayumi alone for a few minutes the other day and I returned to find her as you see her here...Tarzan-like. Like me, she is probably happier with less on. You may notice her jacket and hat sitting next to her; while not quite arctic weather, it has been cold here, and she has to get suited up before going out.

Sadly, I am experiencing trouble with "Blogger" (anyone else?) and I cannot upload one of her latest videos (believe me, we have MANY). It features her conducting another circus-trick with a balloon. Alas, maybe I'll get it successfully posted at a later date.


Perry Family said...

can i just say that she is so adorable??? what a sweet little girl you have! I love that she got her arm free from her funny!

And don't worry about the book. Whenever you get around to it!!

Lindsay said...

Hahah so cute. Just wait until she crawls out of her pants. Remember when Allie used to do that? Hahaha that cute little Yumi!