Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Leah!

My parents' grandchildren have quadrupled in the last year. Long-time solo grandchild Allie Brooke graciously shared the spotlight last Spring with Mayumi Aziiza and Lily Lou...and now all three have moved over to welcome the newest addition to the family: Leah Nicole Heileson, 8 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches, born this last Wednesday early evening. Leah's mother, Monique, is recovering nicely. Way to go Moey!!! In other news, I learned how to cut Nate's hair! Here I am, clipping Nate's hair (for the first time) in my good friend Rachel's kitchen. Rachel (of crepe fame, c.f. "Crepe Night") knows all things, including how to use clippers. She guided me through this scary first experience. "Number three on top, number one on the sides." Nate now looks like a cadet.

Mayumi has a tendency to wear Nate out (she takes after her mother).


Perry Family said...

oh, I love the picture of you with the razor in your hand!! I cute mark's hair was very scary the first few times! Mayumi is adorable in her daddy's arms! :)

Our Pratt Pack said...

Way to go you cut Nate's hair! It's such a money saver and it looks good!