Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Speed Reading

I love to read. I love to read so much that my brother once offered to attach a book holder to my bicycle handlebars so I could ride and read simultaneously. You might think a bit extreme, but nothing...not even a shower...could separate me from a book when I was a kid. More than once I slipped water-warped paged books back into the book return at the library and hoped that I wouldn't be charged.

I checked out so many books at a time that I often had trouble locating them all in time for return. Thus, one day while at the library, I was told by a stern-faced librarian that I wouldn't be allowed to check out my stack of 30 new books until I returned the 50 already loaned out to me.

I was devastated, and desperation can make villains out of even the most innocent people. I loaded up my sister Monique's Beneton book back full of those 30 Nancy Drews and Babysitter's Clubs and slipped around the security gates and out the door of the library. I had no intention of STEALING the books--I simply wanted to read them! I fully intended to return them within two weeks or so.

One hour later, however, I was waiting with my siblings at my father's nearby office and feeling the guilt of my crime weighing heavily around my neck, not to mention my BACK. I knew I had to return those books immediately. Assuring my siblings I'd be right back, I dashed back to the library, intending to slide the books back in the door and be gone.

In my agitation, I hadn't thought about the security gates and charged straight through them with my contraband. Alarms went off. Lights started flashing. Iron gates crashed down around me and, worst of all, the stern-faced librarian was trudging toward me, her footsteps thudding like the collapsing pillars in an Indian Jones temple.

One week later found me, my parents, and a panel of concerned librarians in a third-floor conference room in the library. My crime, I was told, was worth $104.50, which totalled approximately 20 hours of labor at minimum wage. And thus my summer plans were sealed: I spent several hours two days a week shelving books for what seemed like eternity.

I am happy to say that this sad tale did not cure me of my love of books. I still adore them, and would like to recommend one Nate and I just listened to. "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman. Read it! Watch Neil read it himself online! You'll be so glad you did.

I have also spent much time building Mayumi's library, and she has an obscene amount of books. We've read so much to her that she already has no problem turning the pages herself. The funny thing is, she turns the pages faster than we can shown in this video. Enjoy!


Our Pratt Pack said...

What a crazy story... and I think a child can never have too many books!

Lindsay said...

Hi LA ryyyy... You naughty girl! I'd forgotten that story!