Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nine Months Ago Today...

I have the privilege of being the mother of Mayumi Aziza Ayer, age 9 months. She is an exquisitely beautiful little girl, with a delightful personality to match. Motherhood is hard in ways I never expected, primarily the fact that I am in so in love with this little girl that I simply can't give up my privilege to be her primary caregiver. Thus, I have had to get creative in finding opportunities to keep up my professional self (in lieu of returning to work). Being Mayumi's mother has had many unexpected 'side effects.' I used to count on my 'Jamila Charm' to get me what I want in the world, but all I need now is Mayumi, preferably in a front pack and smiling at whatever hapless victim is in front of me. No one can deny her anything.

I've taken millions of photographs of this little delicious baby and, naturally, they can't compare to the real thing. But let me share a few of my favorites with you. Sometimes Mayumi can't decide which is more diverting--a cell phone or her own feet.
This is rare--Mayumi doesn't really care for sleeping in her carseat. She used to LOATH her carseat, back when we lived in D.C. and rarely used the car. I still rarely use it (we only have the one and Nate drives it to work on cold days (bikes on others)), but she's grown much more used to the idea.

Nate was on the track team in high school and once heard himself referred to as 'that black guy on the track team.' :-) Put Nate and Mayumi in the sun, and they bronze instantly. Lucky!

Nate was sold the moment he saw his little girl. As is often the case, daddy is Mayumi's favorite person in the world it would seem.
Happy Birthday my little darling cuteness!!!


Perry Family said...

ahh! that was precious. she is absolutely gorgeous, i especially love all her hair!

Amber Henrie said...

I can't believe she is already 9 months. ps- I haven't met any Aziza's while over here. You sure its an arabic name? :)

Lindsay said...

I love you Yumis! Happy 3/4 Birthday kiddo!!